Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

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Designed to grind directly into a V60 dripper using a switch pad. The grinder boasts 44 grind-size settings, meaning it is ideal for use with V60, espresso, syphon, water dripper, french press and other brewing methods.

This V60 grinder is capable of producing 3 grams of ground coffee per second, and uses stainless steel conical burrs which shave the coffee beans and do not smash or pre-heat them (which results in loss of oils and flavour).

Hopper capacity is 8oz/240g so it's ideal for domestic and small coffee shop use.

Supplied with EU plug and UK adaptor.

Product Features

• Grind settings: 44 settings make this suitable for use with any pour over brewing method
• Conical burrs: made from stainless steel
• Grinding speed: more than 3 grams per second
• Capacity: 8oz / 240g Hopper 
• Dimensions: W: 230mm x D: 135mm x H: 390mm
• Height from tray to spout: 105mm
• Power: 130W
• Weight: 2.4Kg
• Material (blades): stainless steel
• EU plug with UK adaptor



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