Kenya Samburu Single Estate

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Bright lemon citrus, fine acidity, blackcurrant & spice.  Great intense balanced body.

Clean cup with chocolate and sugar cane finish.


Although Kenya is a country neighbouring Ethiopia, which is often regarded as the birthplace of coffee, it did not start coffee production until relatively late. Documenting it’s first crop in 1896 after coffee plants were imported by french missionaries in 1893. Research and development is highly regarded in Kenya and many coffee producers are highly educated in coffee production. This results in Kenya producing some of the highest quality coffee beans in the world.

Samburu is known for producing coffee with a very bright acidity, often the coffee will have strong notes of citrus and berries, with deeper notes of chocolate, spice, and nutmeg, as well as a strong sugarcane aftertaste. These flavours are enhanced as the coffee cherries are wet processed, which allows the natural citrus acidity to shine through, the coffee beans are then dried on raised patios which means that the beans can dry evenly. This is processing method is used for many high-quality coffees in Kenya.



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