Sumatra Mandheling Single Estate

Sumatra Mandheling Single Estate

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Dark, smokey and complex earthy flavours with rich hints of chocolate and liquorice. Medium acidity with a full body and herbal aromas.


Mandheling, grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra is well known for its smooth, full body as well as it’s rich complex taste. The Sumatra Mandheling has notes often described as earthy and intense, with a great herbal aroma. This herbal aroma is unique to the region and is not typically found in South American or African coffees. These beans have just enough acidity to make the coffee well balanced and vibrant. Mandheling coffee often leaves notes of sweet chocolate, and licorice, and is well developed as a result of the rich volcanic soil and tropical climate, despite the coffee being grown at a lower altitude. Mandheling coffees are dry processed, the method used involves washing the dried husk of the coffee cherry in hot water which produces a more uniform bean, and is thought to contribute to the coffee’s unique flavour.  



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