Bodum Chocolatier Chocolate Jug

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Treat yourself to a large mug of hot chocolate with a rich and creamy layer of frothed milk in only minutes thanks to the piston whipping system of the Bodum Chocolatiere Chocolate Jug,

Simply warm your milk and pour into the jug, then add either melted chocolate, syrup or cocoa powder and replace the lid, making sure it is fixed into the closed position. Pump the handle up and down, and the propeller within the jug will froth the milk into a rich, frothy consistency. Once you are happy with the result, turn the lid to the open position; pour straight into your favourite mug and enjoy. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, or simply for frothing milk before adding to a cup of coffee.

Product Features
• Brand: Bodum
• Range: Chocolatiere
• Body material: borosilicate glass
• Lid and plunger: stainless steel & plastic
• Size: 1L
• Dishwasher safe (body only)


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