Ginseng Oolong 50g

Ginseng Oolong 50g

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The base for this tea is a light, ‘green’ Oolong tea. After the tea is withered and rolled, but before it is dried, it is dusted with a combination of Ginseng and Liquorice root powder.
The cup is aromatic and sweet, the flavour is superb and Ginseng delivers a wonderful energy. This lightly fermented ‘green’ Oolong produces an infusion which is deep golden and aromatic. The flavour is invigorating with a hint of sweetness from the liquorice.

A real favourite and tea that will keep you going all day!

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Ginseng root powder, Liquorice root powder.

Brewing: Water 90 Degrees C. Leaf 3g. Time 3.5 mins




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