Kinto Coffee Carafe

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The permanent stainless steel brewer in this carafe set extracts coffee oils to brew rich, aromatic coffee. The included holder can be used to measure the amount of coffee beans, meaning there's no need for a scale, and all parts are stackable for compact storage. Includes carafe, stainless steel filter and filter holder

Product features
• Brand: Kinto
• Range: Slow Coffee Style
• Filter material: stainless steel
• Filter lifespan: permanent
• Filter holder material: AS resin
• Filter holder marked to: 2 cups (for coffee amount)
• Carafe material: heat-resistant glass
• Carafe marked to: 2 cups
• Size: 2 cups
• Capacity: 300ml (600ml without filter)
• Dimensions: H: 150 x W: 125 x Dia.: 100mm
• Dishwasher safe (all parts)
• Microwave safe (carafe only)
• Set includes: permanent filter, filter holder, carafe
• Country of origin: Japan
• Also available: 4 cups set, all parts also sold separately



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